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Who is Yunnan Minority Travel

I, Sunny as your tour guide in Yunnan, offer you many benefits. I was born and raised in this region, you can choose your preferred route and interests, and ... Take a look at all the advantages

Map of Yunnan

Click on the map to see by which countries and provinces Yunnan is bordered and where several well-known cities in Yunnan are situated.

Welcome by Yunnan Minority Travel - your specialist in tailor made travels through Yunnan

Welcome by Yunnan Minority Travel - China

I am Sunny, your guide in and around Yunnan

Hi there!

Nice to meet you. Welcome in Yunnan - China. My English name is Sunny. Sunny is my nickname. I am a certified and licensed English-language tour guide. I live in Dali, Yunnan province and belong, like many of the inhabitants of this region, to a minority. My people are the Bai. 

I organise and guide travels in Yunnan since 1997. I am enthusiastic, cheerful and I have many years of experience in organizing and guiding of long and short-term travel in China, Yunnan in particular. Besides, I also collaborate with European travel agents and my extensive network of colleagues.
I'm closely working together with Gerard (Dutch). You can read more about me, Gerard and the advantages of traveling with us.

Please let me help you to make your stay more comfortable and pleasant with my knowledge of the minorities and inhabitants and their culture in this area. I do my best to deliver a high quality service at a friendly price. There are splendid possibilities for trekking around Dali, Lijiang, Zhongdian and Jinghong, opportunities to visit many places of interest, vibrant local markets, Buddhist temples, monasteries and to meet many of the colourful minorities of Yunnan.

There is just so much to see in Yunnan... Lets make a deal: I will give you my suggestions, and you will make your own choices.

Visit Yunnan year round

The climate in Yunnan is both diverse and changeable. For example, in Kunming it always feels like Spring. Though in Dali it is, despite of an altitude of 1950 metres, mostly warmer, but sometimes there is a cool wind. And, in Zhongdian - also called Shangri-La - the sun may be even stronger, but because of the town's altitude of 3200 metres, close to Tibet and the Himalayas, warm clothing is advised for evenings and nights. Yunnan is also very beautiful in wintertime and not cold. Already in January the trees are full of flowers, sometime snow on the mountain tops and in the south of Yunnan it can be already very warm.

Your tailor made travel in Yunnan

Yunnan Minority Travel is the specialist in tailor made travels through Yunnan - China. Your private tours and travels through Yunnan according to your wishes. Looking for something else? I offer a world of possibilities.

What can I do for you - Why me...

I am specialized in cultural tours for both groups and individuals. Organizing tailor made tours according to your interests, needs, time constraints and budget has become the core of my business. The well-designed and well-operated tours have won me hundreds of satisfied travellers. I provide everything you need on your journey, especially valuable suggestions to arrange your travel in China and it's province Yunnan. Besides, I have a profound knowledge of Yunnan and other parts of China.



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