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Travel in and around Yunnan | According to your wishes

Traveling in and around Yunnan can be done fully to your wishes. For example, you can make excursions while stationed in for example Dali or we can together construct a travel through Yunnan based on your places of interest. Take a look at the possibilities and decide what suits you most.

Construct your own tailor-made travel

Choose what you would like to see, tailor made travels in Yunnan

Yunnan has so much to offer; therefore our list of highlights is - of course - not complete. Besides, we change our website on a regular basis in which we provide you with new information about other parts that were not listed before. Please feel free to ask us any question about one of your highlights that might not be listed on our website.

Ready-to-travel tours: Round trips in Yunnan

Ready-to-travel, roundtrips in YunnanToo busy to dive into all the available information about Yunnan? Or, you like a fully organised holiday? Lay back, enjoy, and pick on of our 'Ready-to-travel' tours.
Our round trips in Yunnan are a stylish combination of culture and nature.

Day trips - excursions

Day trips in YunnanJust spending a few days in Yunnan? Or, you already thought trough that you like to stay in various cities in Yunnan, but are not yet sure about what you would like to see?
Let us arrange your daytrips. We are specialists in Yunnan and know exactly how to satisfy our customers.

Highlights in Yunnan

Need more information about one of the modules? Or, do you wish to know what you can see and visit in for example Dali? Looking for photo's?
Highlights in Yunnan Province, China

Guide, hotel, transport

Would you like to know more about our guides, the hotels we arrange and book and the modes of transport we use for our tours? Take a look.
Hotel, travel and guides

Terms and conditions

If you book a tour with us, you have to know our terms and conditions. Please, read them carefully.

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