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Round trip


For our ready-to-travel round trip through Yunnan we book good quality hotels, three to five stars, that also offer Western breakfast.
Would you like to spend the night in another hotel, please let us know, we can offer all hotels of good quality.


Hua Qing Hotel in Jianshui

In Jianshui (2 nights): Huan Qing Hotel ***

146, Hanlin Street, Jianshui
Located in the Old Town, near to everything; including the Zhu Family Garden

It's a small and cozy city hotel, with 22 rooms. This three star city hotel opened in 2005. The balcony - standard rooms - and the morning sunlight make all the difference. The bathroom is not that spacious, but is clean.



Yunti Hotel Yuanyang

In Yuanyang (2 nights): Yunti Hotel ***

Ahuazai, New Town, Yuanyang
Located in the 'city center'

Opened in 2003 and redecorated in 2006, the Yunti Hotel is decorated with Hani style elements. Nevertheless, it is a simple but clean hotel. It is actually the only hotel that fulfils the basic requirements. The hotel counts 103 rooms, a restaurant with Hani specialities and Yunnan, Sichuan and Cantonese kitchen, bar, and a store.


In Pu'er (2 nights): Jian Huan Hotel ***

11, East Renmin Road, Pu'er



Crown Hotel in JinghongIn Jinghong (2 nights): Crown Hotel ***

70, Mengle Road, Jinghong
Centrally located in the Manjinlan area

The Crown Hotel is located in the Manjinlan area. This is a garden-style hotel consisting of six buildings with Dai characteristics. It has 72 standard twin-bed rooms, 6 suite rooms and 30 common twin-bed rooms. The hotel offers a Chinese and Western restaurant and offers Dian, Chuan, Cantonese and Dai dishes. The outdoor swimming pool, bowling and a dance hall might keep you busy if you wish.




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