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Who we are: Sunny and Gerard

The advantages of me - Sunny - being your tour guide


Φ I grew up in this beautiful part of China and can tell you everything about culture, local customs and habits of the many minorities
Φ You will have much freedom of choice when it comes to deciding your preferred route and places of interest
Φ In addition to Mandarin Chinese, I am fully conversant with some of the local dialects, such as Bai, as well as English. Because of this, I can help you with all kinds of language challenges, to mention bargaining as just one example
Φ I have been a tour guide for a number of European travel organizations in Yunnan for many years, and I am familiar with the Western ways of life and Western expectations
In case you decide to use my services as your tour guide, we are able to arrange all your local transportation (bus, plane, train or car), accommodation, plus entrance fees and tickets for entertainment events - at cost. In other words, no additional fees will be calculated
Φ It is normal in China to lead tourists to tourist shops for commission, we don't do that
Φ In case you wish to extend your holidays to other parts of China, we are able to help you, by either going with you myself or recommending one of my trusted colleagues
Φ Flight tickets must be paid in advance, all other charges are payable after arrival. In some cases we ask you to pay an instalment

More personal....

We, business partners Sunny and Gerard, live in our lovely Yunnan. We know our province very well - but are still passionate to discover it - and are eager to show it's beauty and diversity to the rest of the world. We've also travelled abroad so we know how it feels. Our goal is to make you feel traveling with a local well-known friend in a far away and amazing country...

We launched Yunnan Minority Travel in 1999. Besides, Yunnan Minority Travel is travel agent for some European travel companies.
We divided the work. Sunny knows every corner of the province very good as guide, she know the hotels talk with hotel managers, she organize your car transport and so on. Gerard is responsible for the logistics involved in organizing tours, such as booking flights and hotels. Gerard is also responsible for the content of the websites. Besides, we work closely together with our guests to compose itineraries that are according to their wishes. 

Although Sunny is most on the road and Gerard most in the office, we still appreciate traveling and not only work-wise. We love Yunnan for both it's nature and culture. Therefore we continue to travel in Yunnan province to find new interesting and inspiring spots. Besides, we then check hotels, find new ones and update our routes.

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