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Shangri-La - Old city at 3,200 m in far north Yunnan | Itinerary


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A travel experience in a frontier destination. Shangri-La (3,200 m), formerly Zhongdian, is located in the far north of Yunnan Province, where the Tibetan world starts! Make some brilliant walks in the Old City and in nearby local forest PutaChao with it's two lakes. Make sure you take it easy at these heights, surrounded by the snow capped mountains. Songzanlin monastry and the possibilty to experience butter tea are included in this module for a real Tibetan touch.

This tour is just an example of what is possible in the province of Yunnan. To get more ideas about Shangri-La, read the 'highlights'.
If you want to spend more days in or around Shangri-La, or you have ideas yourself, please contact us. We are happy to make the trip according to your wishes; tailor-made.

Day 1: Lijiang / other city - Shangri-La

Visit Shangri-LaThe Golden Sand River, the upper Yangtze, mountain passes; you won't be bored during your four hour drive -180 km - from Lijiang to Shangri-La. If you wish, we can make a stop in the Tiger Leaping Gorge, this extends our transfer from Lijiang to Shangri-La with approximately 2 hours. After you crossed the river Yangtze, you drive into the Tibetan area with typical Tibetan houses, including ever white mountain tops, Yi-villages and magnificent views and extensive grasslands with yaks.
Once in Shangri-La, you will be brought directly to your hotel. You will know very soon, that you are at height; drink enough water and take it easy. In de afternoon, you have time to explore the Old City. In the evening locals dance and relax on the central square in the Old City.

Shangri-La, formerly Zhongdian, is located in the far north of Yunnan Province, where the Tibetan world starts. Shangri-La is located at the feet of the Himalaya at a height of 3,200 meters. If you don't visit Tibet during your China-tour, you will experience a Tibet-feeling anyway. And, if you're planning to visit Tibet, it is an ideal city to acclimatize.

You spend the night in Shangri-La

Day 2: PutaChao Forest, Songzanlin monastery & butter tea

After breakfast you're heading to the fabulous PutaChao (Tibetan: Potatso) Forest Park with the two lakes Bitahai and Shuduhu (resp. about 3500m and 3700m above sea level), about 22 km east of Shangri-La. Get ready for a brilliant walk around the lakes, make sure you have enough memory available on your camera!


Furthermore, the 300 year old Tibetan Songzanlin monastery is on our list. But, we will pass some Tibetan villages first. If you like, we can ask a family to visit their house and maybe they will offer you some butter tea. This tour ends in your hotel in Shangri-La.

You spend the night in Shangri-La

Dag 3: Shangri-La 
- today is yours...

Today is yours!
If you might feel 'lost', here some suggestions from our side in which we are happy to assist:
* A two days hike in the Tiger Leaping Gorge
* Visit Shangri-La's 
Old Town: giant prayer wheel, and many shops and restaurants
* A 
Tibetan Dream Shangri-La Show is offered in the early evening

 You spend the night in Shangri-La

Day 4: Shangri-La - airport / next destination

We will drop you at the airport. You can fly to your next destination, for example Lhasa or via Kunming to Guilin. In Summer, direct flights to Shanghai and Chengdu are sometimes offered.
Another very appealing offer is by 4WD via Litang, Datong, and Kangding to Chengdu.




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