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A 5-day tour through YunnanYuanyang and Jianshui. The essence of Yunnan; splendid age-old rice terraces, traditional architecture and colorful markets. Walk through the southeast of Yunnan and experience an almost hidden civilization. Experience what you can't even imagine to exist.


Day 1: Travel conveniently from Kunming airport to Jianshui

The driver and guide (if you wish to travel with one) will meet you at Kunming airport. They are waiting for you with a billboard with your name on it. It is preferable to leave Kunming city behind before rush hour. You will drive in the southern direction to Jianshui, where you will spend your first night. Once well out of town, we will have a break to get some food before continuing the drive to Kunming.
Jianshui is first during your 5-day round trip to Yuanyang and Jianshui.


Day 2: Hunting in Jianshui and visit TuanShan village for its art and architecture

Tuanshan village is famed for its architecture In the morning you visit the Zhu family House, the ancient North gate and the Confucius temple. All in walking distance from your hotel.
In the afternoon you will drive in approximately 20 minutes to Tuanshan village. This village was founded in the Qing Dynasty. Visiting the village is like time-traveling. Small, cobbled lanes and old women with bound feet leave you with impressions of timelessness. The village has even more to offer, such as art and architecture. The village might fill you with the impression that it is neglected and deserted, as it is quietly moving along at its own pace.
You will also visit the ancient Double Dragon Bridge. And, you will visit a factory where the famous Jianshui pots - Jianshui earthenware - are manufactured. Next is an ancient waterwell that is still being used. Followed by a tofu-factory. All scattered over several villages.
After a fulfilling day, it is time to drive you back to your hotel in Jianshui, where you will spend another night.
Would you like to read more about Jianshui, take a look at Jianshui highlights.


Day 3: Discover Yuanyang old town and its minorities

We depart for Yuanyang. On route to Yuanyang, we will stop to have lunch. You arrive in Yuanyang Old Town, also called Xinjiezhen, in the afternoon.
Yuanyang boasts a wide variety of ethnic minorities. Other than Han’s, Hani’s and Yi’s, you will encounter Miao, Zhuang, and Dai people.
Most of the rice terraces in Yuanyang are carved by the Hani minority over the centuries.
You will spend the night in Yuanyang.


Day 4: Sunrise at the incredible rice fields and sunset in Yuanyang

Yuangyang rice fields

Today you witness the sunrise while being in the mountains. You visit the rice terraces in Bada, Laohuzui, and Duoyishu. You also will visit the interesting Hani-minority villages and a local market. Not a glimmer less interesting than sunrise is sunset. Sunset in Yuanyang.


Day 5: Yuanyang - Kunming

On your drive back to Kunming, you will visit Tonghai village. A welcome intermission in Yunnan Province's only Mongol village. The villagers are descendants from Kublai Khan's army, who once ruled the biggest empire in the world. It is very quiet in this village and some doors are marked by the Yin and Yang symbols.
Only the elderly still wear traditional clothing, whom you might meet around the central square. Despite the long drive, we hope you are comfortable as you will mainly follow the highway.
We will drop you at your hotel in Kunming, at the airport, or at the bus station or train station.