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Books - Literature

China's ethnic minorities Xiao Xiaoming Culture 7-119-03184-8
The tower of five glories; a study of the Min Chia of Ta Li C.P. Fitzgerald 988-97460-1-8
China on the wild side; explorations in the Tibet-China borderlands (vol. 1 and 2) F. Rock Exploration 1924-1927 978-9889746049
Joseph F. Rock and his Shangri-La J. Goodman & J. F. Rock Culture 988-97460-2-6
Yunnan: China's most beautiful province A. H. Ungger & W. Ungger Photos 3-777-48390-7
In and round Yunnan Fou G. M. Vassal Culture 1-177-59574-5
China E. L. Shaughnessy World history 978-9057645570
South of the clouds; tales from Yunnan L. Miller, Guo Xu & Xu Kun Literature 978-0295973487
Rubies of Mogok; the lost Buddha and the hidden treasure of Yunnan F. L. Williams Literature 978-1412009614
Between winds and clouds; the making of Yunnan Bin Yang History 978-0231142540
Yun-nan; the link between India and the Yangtze H.R. Davies Travel and exploration 1894-1900 978-1108010795
Across Yunnan; a journey of surprise A. J. Little History 978-1108014090
Camps and trails in China R. Chapman Andrews & Y. Borup Andrews Natural history available as e-book

Maps and guide books

Yunnan: China south of the clouds J. Goodman Odyssey Guides 978-9622177758
National Geographic atlas of China National Geographic Photos & maps 978-1426203275
Nelles Map, China South Nelles Maps Map
3-86574-018-9 978-3-86574-018-2
China's Southwest; Lonely Planet regional guide Lonely Planet Guide book 978-1741041859
China Collins International Maps Map
0-00727-630-3 978-0007276301
Yunnan province of China M. Walters & S. Mansfield The Bradt travel guide 978-1841621692

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