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For your itinerary through Yunnan decide on your mode of transport

The basics

When Yunnan Minority Travel knows exactly what you prefer, we make an itinerary for you in which everything we agreed on is written. What is included and what is excluded. Occasionally we provide some suggestions on the itinerary.
Yunnan Minority Travel is able to arrange all your (local) transport; private car, flight, train, and in some cases the (express) bus.
Do you wish to know more how to reach Yunnan, please take a look at How to reach Yunnan.



Of course, our fees for guiding are much lower than those of charged by European tour operators. Rates per day are Rmb 450 for 1-2 persons, Rmb 550 if 3 or 4 persons in the group and Rmb 650 for 5 till 15 persons.
Prices for guiding are all in; including the guide's meals and accommodation.
Note: However it is common to lead tourists to shops for the commission, we don't do that.

Guiding outside Yunnan

In case you wish to extend your holidays to other parts of China, we are able to help you. We either go with you or we will recommend one of our trusted colleagues.

Hotels in Yunnan - we book for you


Yunnan Minority Travel arranges hotels with 3 to 5 stars. But, we do not only propose hotels based on stars. Location, architecture in the style of the minority of the region where you stay, and experience in serving Western guests are also main components for the choice of our hotels.

Most hotels have only a few double rooms (one big bed). Most rooms are twin rooms (2 separate beds). Some hotels have family rooms or even a courtyard house for 4 or 6 persons.
The hotels we choose are comfortable, clean and have a bathroom with a bath and/or a shower, western toilet and serve besides Chinese breakfast also a western breakfast.
If you would like to choose the hotels yourself, feel free to do so. We can take care of the booking and the payment of the hotels of your own choice.

Our choice of hotels

Take a look at the various tours on this website to get an idea of the hotels of our choice.

Traveling by private car through Yunnan is what most people prefer

Traveling by private car

Most guests choose private transport. Yunnan Minority Travel uses good and clean cars with experienced drivers. Our drivers have all a special license allowing them to drive with foreigners. Our drivers drive safely and are experienced and friendly. However, they only speak Chinese and no English. The costs are all including; petrol, toll, driver's meals, and his accommodation.
We have cars in which 2 or 3 guests will fit, namely a sedan or SUV model like Toyota, Hyundai, Skoda or VW. For 4 to 6 people we use Business cars, such as Buick, Toyota, and Hyundai. If we have more than 6 guests we use a coach.

Travel by train to and through Yunnan, China


The procedure for buying train tickets is almost the same as with flight tickets. There are no paper ticket but E-tickets. If we do it for you, you have to send us copies of your passports, we buy the tickets on-line. The only difference with flight tickets is we only can buy your train tickets 15 days in advance. Train tickets must be paid in advance. As soon as we receive your payment we book the tickets. We will send you a copy of the receipt of the e-ticket. After bought the tickets we send you train station name, departure time, train number, carriage number and seat numbers. In the entrance of the station you check-in with your passports, there is a special counter for that. Like in any airport your luggage will be checked. The Chinese railway authorities may raise prices during holidays and festivals. Arriving on your destiny we will pick you up.
Fly in China, Yunnan


Flights booked by Yunnan Minority Travel

It is very convenient when you let Yunnan Minority Travel book your flights:
1. All airlines use e-tickets and for checking in your passport is sufficient.
2. We always choose renowned carriers.
3. In case flights are delayed or even canceled, we undertake action immediately.
4. We make sure you have the best connecting flights, thus no extra waiting hours.
5. The price includes all taxes like Airfare, Fuel Tax, and Airport Tax.
6. We give, in cooperation with our ticket provider, the lowest price as possible.

Necessities to book your flight

For booking a flight we need your family name, given names as written in your passport, and passport number. The best way is to send us a copy of your passports. For children, younger than 12 years old, we need also their dates of birth (YYYY-MM-DD).
Flight tickets must be paid in advance. As soon as we receive your payment we book the tickets. We will send you a copy of the receipt of the e-ticket.