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What is an excursion?

- an excursion is a one day or two day tour that you can complement the tailor made travel you choose
- I give you a suggestion from where to depart your excursion

If you want to spend more days in or around one of these 'excursions', or you have ideas yourself, please contact me.
I can advise you, assist you, inspire you.

Bike: explore Bai villages

Erhai Lake - Yunnan

Departure: Dali

You haven't seen Dali without visiting the villages around the Old Town. By bike is a unique way to get in touch with the Bai minority. You cycle west of the Erhai Lake.

A touch of the Himalaya

The Tiger Leaping Gorge - the deepest Gorge in the world

Departure: Lijiang or Zhongdian

Active? Between April and October in Lijiang? Don't miss the Tiger Leaping Gorge; the feet of the Himalaya. Two days of hiking: experience it...

Dai life & 10,000 plants

Dai life and 10000 plants in the Tropical Botanical Garden

Departure: Jinghong

Over 10,000 species of tropical plants at an area of 900 hectares. But before you reach the garden, follow the Mekong River and experience local Dai life.

Exotic market, Buddha and life


Departure: Jinghong

Feel free at local markets and welcomed to experience daily life. Besides visiting villages, the Buddhist architectural site must be visited.

Wild Elephant Valley

Wild Elephant Valley

Departure: Jinghong

Its more than just elephants; birds and butterflies are amazing too. On route to the valley you meet descendants of the Dai minority.

White stupas and rubber

Rubber plantations

Departure: Jinghong

Yunnan's frontiers near Myanmar. Explore the remote area near Myanmar. An astonishing combination of modernity and old remains.

Stone Forest & tour Kunming

Excursion to Stone Forest near Kunming

Departure: Kunming

270 million years old trees from limestone, the famous Buddhist Temple Yuantong Si and an on stage experience of Chinese urban life.

Bike the Lashihai Lake

Bike the Lashihai Lake

Departure: Lijiang

Cycling 'around' the Lashihai Lake with your local guide and have a look at both nature and culture. Have lunch in the guide's local house.

Ancient Baisha & Wenfen Si

Visit Baisha

Departure: Lijiang

Visit the Naxi's Kingdom capital, meet Dr. Ho, set eyes on most ancient frescoes, drive into the mountains to see the Wenfen Si Monastery and it's beautiful surroundings.

Rivers and gorges

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Departure: Lijiang or Zhongdian

The famous first bend of the Yangtze River,  as well as China's most beautiful gorge - the Tiger Leaping Gorge - are your destinations for today.

Baisha & Naxi villages by bike

Baisha by bike

Departure: Lijiang

Grab your bike, a map, and a bottle of water; off you go. Baisha and Naxi villages are a real pleasure by bike. Open minded you'll discover another world.


Day excursion Little Tibet

Departure: Zhongdian

Get the Tibet feeling: cross extensive grasslands with yaks, drink a cup of butter tea with a Tibetan family, and visit the Putachao Forest Park.

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