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Round trips in Yunnan

What is a
ready-to-travel tour?

- a ready-to-travel tour is complete tour, including everything
- we also can book all your flight tickets in China
- These private tours can still be adjusted to your whishes. Just let us know


Our 'ready-to-travel' tours are made after years of experiene and thus guarantee an unforgettabele experience. Your dream holiday in a private setting; your own transport, quality hotels, and if you wish a guide.

Magical Yunnan

Travel in seven days through Yunnan; visit Kunming, Dali, Lijiang and Zhongdian and their surroundingsKunming, Dali, Lijiang and Zhongdian

Duration: 7 days

Magical for its natural and cultural wonders. This tour shows Yunnan's beauties. Rugged mountains, Tibetan culture, fascinating small (fisherman) villages, natural botanical and zoological gardens, and old towns all with their own minorities. Magic forever...


Travel through Yunnan in 5 days; visit Kunming, Jianshui, and YuanyangYunnan: Jianshui and Yuanyang

Duration: 5 days

The essence of Yunnan. Splendid age-old rice terraces, traditional architecture and colourful markets, walk through the southeast of Yunnan and experience an almost hidden civilization, the tribes living in these hills. Experience those things you can't even imagine that they exist.

Meet Yunnan

Travel through Yunnan in 9 days; visit Kunming, Jianshui, Yuanyang, Pu'er, and JinghongKunming, Jianshui, Yuanyang, Pu'er and Jinghong

Duration: 9 days

Meet Yunnan, meet it's cultures. Culture and language are important to minorities, expressed in clothing, housing, local handicrafts and much more. Besides, you will experience Yunnan's richness in natural resources, exceptional rice terraces, mountainous areas alternated with plateaus, rivers, rain forest...



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