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Construct your own tour | Modules for your tailor made tour

What is a tailor made tour?

- A tailor made tour consists of several modules.
- Modules are trips of a few days, and can be
done one after the other.
THUS: several modules form a complete holiday.

If you want to spend more days in or around 'one of
your modules', or you have ideas yourself, contact us.
We can advise you, assist you, inspire you;
make the trip according to your whishes.


Visit the old town Dali and breath in it's natural surroundings
Old town & handicrafts

Duration: 4 days

Dali is known for its Old Town, traditional architecture, and minority cultures. Simply relax. The Old Town has a population of 40,000, but the New City is also worth visiting.
With the beautiful Cangshan Mountains a short distance to the west and Erhai Lake a few kilometers to the east, Dali has a perfect natural setting.

Guanping, Yunlong

CangShan Mountains and the famous Yin-Yang riverand Nuoden: CangShan Mountains

Duration: 2 days

En route: visit the local vegetable and livestock market in Guanping, the astonishing mountain village Yunlong with it's Yin-Yang river, and the charming ancient village Nuoden.


Discover Lijiang

Having a 'Tibet-feeling'

Duration: 4 days

Discover in three days the northwestern part of Yunnan Province. A cascade of different impressions, both nature and culture. Locals singing and dancing in the evening at the town square. Are you in to it?


JizuShanChickenfoot Mountain



Shaxi - ShibaoShan

ShibaoShanHistorical landmarks

Duration: 2 days

Shaxi and ShibaoShan: because of their isolated location, much of its culture and historical landmarks have been preserved. Yi and Bai people of this area on the Southern Silk Road, meet every Friday on the Sideng Market. Add two ancient temples and simply magnificent views and your tour is complete.


Visit WeishanTitel 2



To Zhongdian

Chengdu, worth a visitfrom Chengdu by 4WD




Zhongdian (also called Shangri-La)Experience 3,200 m

Duration: 4 days

A travel experience in a frontier destination. Shangri-La at 3,200 m is located in the far north of Yunnan Province. Make some brilliant walks in the Old City and in the nearby local forest Putachao with it's two lakes. Make sure you take it easy at these heights. Songzanlin monastry and the possibilty to experience butter tea are included in this module for a real Tibetan touch.


Yuanyang... and Yuanyang

Duration: 5 days

Jianshui being 'the Museum of Ancient Constructions', while Yuanyang is a sea of colours and a thousand mirrors. Meet Miao, Yi, Yao and Hani minorities. From culture to nature and an extra stop in the only Mongol village in Yunnan Province.




Pu'er ....


Jinghong (Xishuanbanna)The city of Dawn

Duration: 6 days

Jinghong, the city where China meets laid-back Southeast Asia. Lush, tropical vegetation and plantations of banana and rubber trees cover a landscape of mountains. Buddhist temples stand amidst palm trees and rice paddies. Makets, temples, nature and culture. Check it out...



Yunnan's capital

Duration: 3 days

Kunming is Yunnan's capital and an excellent starting point for your travel through Yunnan. Unesco listed Stone Forest is nearby in Shilin. In Kunming there is a lot to discover: Yunnan's eye; the Green Park Lake, restaurants, shopping areas, traditional bird and flower market, and a lot more. Just get out there.



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