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Get to know Yunnan

Discover Yunnan's sheer beauty, experience the local people's life and explore some mysterious minority people's custom and culture. Enjoy a totally different and fresh environment, once outside the astonishing old cities. Yunnan is known for its unique geographical, climate and topographical features. These features highly reflect the colourful nature and diversified ecology.
Most of the population lives in the eastern part of the province. The western part is less densely populated. Here, high mountain peaks are alternated with their valleys with abundantly flowing rivers. As a result Yunnan is rich in natural resources and has the largest diversity of plant life in China. But, Yunnan's history and culture are not less fascinating. Get an idea of what you can encounter in Yunnan.


Historical facts, Yunnan's first emperor, establishing counties and roads, Kingdoms of the Mongol empire. Get a little background.


Yunnan province is a zoological and botanical garden. It houses a lot of lakes and uncountable rivers, and deep mountain gorges as well as plateaus. And, vast mineral resources are Yunnan's main source of wealth.


One third of the province's population belongs to the one of the 26 minorities present. This ethnic diversity has led to a varied and complex order of religious beliefs, which co-exist happily.


The cuisine might look a little bit complicated while you look at a Chinese character menu, but....

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