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Bike around the Lashihai Lake


- Tour a day along the Lashihai Lake and get involved in daily local life -

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Description Excursion LashiHai Lake

Together with your guide, you walk through Lijiang Old Town to the bike store. I would like you to chose the bike that suits you most. The bikes will be transported by truck, while you go comfortably by private car to the starting point at Lashihai. Once you're there, the bikes will be unloaded and off you go!

You will bike through Naxi minority villages and visit a small Tibetan Buddhist temple. For lunch, you stop in a Naxi village and have lunch at the home of your local guide.
In the afternoon - when you're done cycling or when you completed the route - you return by private car to Lijiang. Don't you worry about your bike, it will get back by truck.


Where to start and end your excursion

Our guide will pick you up after breakfast. After you picked your bike, you will head off to the starting point of your cycling route near the Lashihai Lake. After you're done cycling, you head back to Lijiang.

Tips for other excursions


1. Take a look at the other excursions that depart from Lijiang. You might like to make a combination:
Φ Visit Baisha with its palace and frescoes, explore Naxi villages, stop by at the Wenfen Si Monestary and end at the Black Dragon Pool Park. A day tour by car.
Φ Day tour: The famous first bend of the Yangtze River and China's most famous Gorge
If you're into cycling, visit Baisha and the Naxi villages by bike

2. Take a look at the Highlights in and around Lijiang, to read more about the objects you visit during this excursion.


Number of people 2-4 5>
Price indication p.p. (Rmb)  585  455 

The price includes:
* English speaking guide
* Private transport including driver and gasoline
* Bike rental
* Bike transportation
* Lunch 

The price does not include:
* Tipping our guide and/or driver is of course appreciated

What is an excursion?

- an excursion is a one day or two day tour
- you can start an excursion anytime and anywhere, but we give a suggestion from where to start and end

If you want to spend more days in or around 'one of these excursions', or you have ideas yourself, please contact us. We can advise you, assist you, inspire you.

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