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A touch of the Himalaya: Experience the Tiger Leaping Gorge near Lijiang


- Wander two days through the Tiger Leaping Gorge -
For those who love to hike and do not fear heights -

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Tiger Leaping Gorge trail; 2 days hiking

Are you a sports? An adventurer? Some time 'left' while visiting Lijiang? In China between April and October????
Then, you definetely have to visit one of China's best known hiking trails... The Tiger Leaping Gorge, a glimpse at the Himalaya, smile....

Walking in the Gorge at an average height of 2,500 meter, just at a two to three hours ride from Lijiang.
During this two days hike, you walk together with a guide. Look down to see the famous Yangtze river, look up to see steep slopes up to 5,000 meters.
Half way, you spend the night in a guesthouse.

But, there is more to it: walk through a vegetable garden at height, experience rice fields, villages, farmers at work with or without their faithful oxes, and goats enjoying the same trail as you. Best of all: Feel China's character, dare to experience!

Where to start your hike through the Tiger Leaping Gorge

Best is to reach the Tiger Leaping Gorge coming from Lijiang or Zhongdian. We will pick you up after you had breakfast in your accommodation in Lijiang. We are heading to Qiaotou.

After two days of walking - day 1 is heaviest - we meet a road near the river. With motorised transport we head back to Qiaotou and then to your next destination.


Tips when hiking through the Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan1. Would you like to enjoy an evening gazing at a most amazing starry sky? Bring warm clothes; in the evening it is pretty cold.

2. Walk as light as possible, to maximize your hike: head back to Lijiang after the hike so you can leave your luggage in your accommodation, or leave your luggage at the starting point in Qiaotou. Just walk with a daypack.

3. Bear in mind that with heavy rains, the hike is cancelled. In these circumstances landslides are common and the Gorge might be closed to visitors for a few days. This is most common in the months June, July and August.

4. You're in an amazing Gorge; there are no ATM's available. Bring sufficient cash.


Number of people 2 4
Price indication p.p. (Rmb)  1500 980 

The price includes:
* English speaking mountain guide
* 1 night in a Guest House
* Transport by private car to Qiaotou and back to Lijiang
* Transport by Van in the gorge back to Qiaotou
* Entrance fee to the Gorge 

The price does not include:
* Meals
* Tipping our guide and friver is appreciated

What is an excursion?

- an excursion is a one day or two day tour
- you can start an excursion anytime and anywhere, but we give a suggestion from where to start and end

If you want to spend more days in or around 'one of these excursions', or you have ideas yourself, please contact us. We can advise you, assist you, inspire you.

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