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Old remains in combination with modern rubber plantations in remote areas


- Explore Yunnan's frontiers: Damenglong, White Stupas, Theravada constructions and remote villages -

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We are heading to Damenglong, a small town close to the border of Myanmar. Enjoy the fresh air of the jungle on the way to the border. We visit the famous White Stupas that were built in 1204. It are the oldest remains in Xishuangbanna. Besides, we take a look at one of the famous Theravada building. The construction looks like bamboo shoots.

Time to visit places that are seldom seen by foreigners. In this remote area local life an culture are still very traditional. However, private rubber plantations entered the area and many villagers moved into modern housing.



Start and end tour white stupas

We will pick you up after you had breakfast in your accommodation in Jinghong. We drive south in the direction of Myanmar. After the excursion, we head back to Jinghong. If you wish to be brought to another destination, please let is know. We can make arrangements.


White stupa

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Number of people 2 4
Price indication p.p. (Rmb)  675  455 

The price includes:
* English speaking guide
* Private transport including driver and gasoline
* Entrance fees  

The price does not include:
* Meals
* Tipping our guide and/or driver is of course appreciated

What is an excursion?

- an excursion is a one day or two day tour
- you can start an excursion anytime and anywhere, but we give a suggestion from where to start and end

If you want to spend more days in or around 'one of these excursions', or you have ideas yourself, please contact us. We can advise you, assist you, inspire you.

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