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Nuoden in Yunnan is a small village perched on a hillside, in a pleasant and relaxing landscape of Yunnan red land, pine forests, and agricultural villages. 

The village of Nuoden is located 2 hours drive from Dali. You will first take the highway to Baoshan followed by a new highway to Yunlong and then Nuoden.
From Weishan it is a 3 hours drive.
The village is situated at an altitude of 2200 m. The village is sloping and only accessible on foot. Mules can carry loads but not travelers. The streets are in large cut stones. We advise taking a stick if it rains, especially during the months of July and August.


Yin Yang river - Nuodeng, Yunnan Province, China

Natural highlights Nuoden in Yunnan

Tea Road

From Nuoden, you can walk along the ancient Tea Road. Nuoden is known for its ancient salt wells, a popular exchange currency on the ancient tea and horse route.


Nuodeng village in the hills - only accessible on foot

Cultural highlights Nuoden

Confucius Temple

At Nuoden you can visit the Confucius temple and its monastery. It is a pleasant round trip of about 1 hour uphill along a landscaped stone path.



Nuoden is a village off the beaten path. This allows you to visit friendly smiling families and to meet grandmothers who manufacture including incense.
There are some nice little family inns on site, 100% local. Otherwise, you can stay in the city of Yunlong, located 7 km from Nuoden, in a four-star hotel.


Visit Nuoden

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