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  • Jinghong Peacock Lake ParkJinghong, the city where China meets laid-back Southeast Asia. Lush, tropical vegetation and plantations of banana and rubber trees cover a landscape of mountains. Buddhist temples stand amidst palm trees and rice paddies. Markets, temples, nature, and culture. Check it out...

  • Travel 9 days through YunnanMeet Yunnan, meet it's cultures. In these 9 days you meet many of the 26 minorities that live in this part of China. Culture and language are important to minorities, expressed in clothing, sometimes very old housing, local handicrafts and much more. Besides, you will experience Yunnan's richness in natural resources, exceptional rice terraces, mountainous areas alternated with plateaus, rivers, rain forest... Welcome in Yunnan.

  • Menghai local market

    Duration: 1 day
    Start: Jinghong

    Menghai market, Theravada Buddhism site Jingzhen Octagonal pavilion situated in the hills, and the villages Bulang and Aini.