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Menghai market, Jingzhen Octagonal pavilion, Bulang and Aini village


- Menghai market - Theravada Buddhism site: Jingzhen Octagonal pavilion situated in the hills - Bulang & Aini village -

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Description excursion

It's just a 50 kilometers drive to Menghai. It's daily market is a pleasure to stroll around. Ethnic minorities sell their local products. Feel welcomed and buy some products as a souvenir.

You also visit the Octagonal Pavilion, that is situated on a hill in Jingzhen Village, in the county of Menghai. It's about 87 kilometers away from the city of Jinghong. This famous Theravada Buddhism architectural site was built in 1707. It got destroyed during the Cultural Revolution, but got rebuilt in the 1980s.

Hereafter you visit two villages; Bulang and an Aini minority village with its aged tea plantation. Slowly we are on our way back to Jinghong, that you reach at the end of the afternoon.


Start and end of the excursion

Your private car will be waiting for you after breakfast in your hotel in Jinghong. An English speaking guide will accompany you. At the end of the afternoon, you will be back in your hotel in Jinghong. But, if you have another destination in mind, please let us know so we can make arrangements.

Tips for other excursions with Yunnan Minority Travel1. Take a look at the other excursions that depart from Jinghong. You might like to make a combination:
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Number of people 2 4
Price indication p.p. (Rmb) 743  545 

The price includes:
* Private transport including driver and gasoline
* English speaking guide



What is an excursion?

- an excursion is a one day or two day tour
- you can start an excursion anytime and anywhere, but we give a suggestion from where to start and end

If you want to spend more days in or around 'one of these excursions', or you have ideas yourself, please contact us. We can advise you, assist you, inspire you.

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