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  • Rice fields in Yuanyang - Yunnan provinceJianshui and Yuanyang tour. Jianshui being 'the Museum of Ancient Constructions'; more than 100 ancient temples, and 50 ancient bridges, while Yuanyang is a sea of colors and a thousand mirrors. Sawahs sculpted stairs of bright green in summer, yellow-green in autumn and after the harvest a thousand mirrors. From culture to nature and an extra stop in the only Mongol village in Yunnan Province.

  • Travel 9 days through YunnanMeet Yunnan, meet it's cultures. In these 9 days you meet many of the 26 minorities that live in this part of China. Culture and language are important to minorities, expressed in clothing, sometimes very old housing, local handicrafts and much more. Besides, you will experience Yunnan's richness in natural resources, exceptional rice terraces, mountainous areas alternated with plateaus, rivers, rain forest... Welcome in Yunnan.

  • Shangri-La in Yunnan province, ChinaA travel experience in a frontier destination. Shangri-La at 3,200 m, formerly Zhongdian, is located in the far north of Yunnan province. Where the Tibetan world starts! Make some brilliant walks in the Old Town and in nearby local forest PutaChao with its two lakes. Surrounded by the snow capped mountains. Songzanlin monastery and the possibility to experience butter tea are included in this module for a real Tibetan touch.

  • The Baoxing temple - Shaxi and Shibaoshan on the Unesco heritage list, Yunnan province - China Shaxi and ShibaoShan. Because of their isolated location, much of its culture and historical landmarks have been preserved. Yi and Bai people of this area on the Southern Silk Road, meet every Friday on the Sideng Market. Add two ancient temples and magnificent views, and your tour is complete.

  • Located in Honghe prefecture in the Ailao mountains - 50 kilometers north of the border with Vietnam - Yuanyang is well known for its spectacular rice-paddy terracing. A famous highlight of Yuanyang are the rice terraces.

  • A 5-day tour through YunnanYuanyang and Jianshui. The essence of Yunnan; splendid age-old rice terraces, traditional architecture and colorful markets. Walk through the southeast of Yunnan and experience an almost hidden civilization. Experience what you can't even imagine to exist.