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Jianshui & Yuanyang | Itinerary


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Visit Jianshui and Yuanyang

Jianshui being 'the Museum of Ancient Constructions'; more than 100 ancient temples, 50 ancient bridges. While Yuanyang is a sea of colours and a thousand mirrors. Sawahs sculp stairs of bright green in summer, yellow-green in autumn and after the harvest a thousand mirrors. From culture to nature and an extra stop in the only Mongol village in Yunnan Province.

This tour is just an example of what is possible in the province of Yunnan. To get more ideas about Jianshui and Yuanyang, read the 'highlights'.
If you want to spend more days in or around one of these cities, or you have ideas yourself, please contact us. We are happy to make the trip according to your wishes; tailor-made.

Day 1: From Kunming / other city to Jianshui - the Museum of Ancient Constructions

The age-old history, splendid culture and glorious tradition have produced many historic sites in Jianshui. Jianshui enjoys the fame 'the Museum of Ancient Constructions'; it holds more than 100 ancient temples, 50 ancient bridges and 56 state-protected cultural relics. Besides, Jianshui is devoted to developing local handicrafts, among which Jianshui earthenware is the most well known as it is one of the four celebrated potteries in China.

This module starts with a pick up from your hotel in Kunming. Our driver will drive you in 4 hours to Jianshui. In the afternoon, you will have time to stretch your legs. Get ready to discover Jianshui's secrets. A few of Jianshui's spots can easily be visit on your own, for example, The Zhu Familiy House, the Confucius Temple and the ancient North Gate. These objects are on walking distance from your hotel.

Take a look at the highlights for more information about Jianshui.

You spend the night in Jianshui

Day 2: Around Jianshui

Today you will visit - just outside Jianshui - the walled village TuanShan of the Zhang Family, similar the Zhu Family House but more austere. You will also set eyes on the 17-arch Double Dragons Bridge. Besides, you visit a village where they manufacture the famous Jianshui pots. In various villages there are several small factories. Other interesting villages are also on our list, one with an ancient waterwell that is still in use, and one with a tofu-factory. After a fullfilling day, it is time to drive you back to your hotel in Jianshui.

You spend the night in Jianshui

Day 3: From Jianshui to Yuanyang - a sea of coloursYuanyang

Today you drive to Yuangyang. It will take about 5 hours to get there. Yuanyang is a collective name for the villages that lay - almost invisible - high in the mountains.
A sea of colours and a thousand mirrors. The Hani-people in Yuanyang prove that man can transform nature without destroying it; stairs of bright green in summer, yellow-green in autumn and after the harvest of rice the irrigated fields form a thousand mirrors reflecting pink mornings, silver-blue days and golden evenings. The 'Tiger Mouth' is most scenic and requires a photo stop.

You spend the night in Yuanyang

Day 4: Time to explore Yuanyang

Tourism hasn't yet encountered this unique region. Yuanyang is home to minorities as Miao, Yi, Yao and Hani. The population is still living a traditional life, controlled by the seasons. In winters, women weave their own clothes and stitch their headgear, while in warmer periods the fields are worked.
Today you drive to the best spots for sunrise or sunset over the rice fields and drive to several villages and colourful local markets. Women sell their harvest, agricultural tools and the clothes they make. Another possibility is to walk in the environment; don't hesitate to ask us.

You spend the night in Yuanyang

Day 5: Yuanyang - Tonghai - Kunming / next destination

On you long drive back to Kunming, you will visit Tonghai. A welcome intermission in Yunnan Province's only Mongol village. The villagers are descendants from Kublai Khan's army, who once ruled the biggest empire in the world. It is very quiet in this village and some doors are marked by the Yin and Yang symbols. Only elderly still wear traditional clothing, whom you might meet around the central square. Despite the long drive, it's as comfortable as possible, since you drive mainly on the highway.

You spend the night in Kunming - or your 'next destination'


Visit Yunnan Province in China

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